5 TED Talks Every Nurse Should Watch: Nurse Inspiration

You have probably heard of the TED talk series. TED talk series include some of the most motivational discussions from influential speakers on various topics. You might however have a wrong impression that those videos are made only for entrepreneurs or business owners who need a motivational boost to grow their businesses. This is far from the truth as TED talks are made for all of us looking for a daily inspiration and motivation to go through a different stage in our lives.

Some of the TED talk videos could for example include inspirational messages for nurses. Being a nurse could be a tough job which includes a lot of stress and possible burnout effects. In order to avoid this nurses can try having a daily dose of inspirational TED talk speeches which could bring motivation in the nursing profession. There are many influential and eye-opening talks on healthcare and leadership which could have inspirational reflections for nurses.

We have gathered some of the most inspirational videos on TED talk suitable for nurses below. You can get your nurse inspiration dose by listening to them on your way back home, while preparing for a long day at work or even before bed time. Especially now during the times of Covid-19 pandemic the healthcare staff needs a boost of motivation. Here are 5 powerful and motivational TED talks which could be used as good sources of daily motivation in the nursing career.

On being present, not perfect – by Elaine Meyer

With her real-life stories within the healthcare field, the speech of Elaine Meyer is subtle yet touching for some Nurse Inspiration. Her personal experience in clinicals is presenting us the importance of being real in your workplace. Opening up and having emotional and real talks with patients is of great importance. She shares that being genuine and open towards patients and their families is as important as the medicine treatment that you give them. Motivation for the nursing profession could be found in the small things.


What can we learn from the 1918 flu? – by Laurie Garret

Even  though the TED talk from Laurie Garret was given in 2009, it is quite accurate with the current pandemic situation. It is a rather informative speech, however it gives hope that the current Covid-19 pandemic will come to an end. The nurses are the frontline guardians during these hard times for society and they need to see the light in the tunnel in order to go through the horrible situation.


How to make stress your friend? – Kelly McGonigal

The healthcare sector experiences the highest rates of stress in general. Now, during the Covid-19 pandemic the stress levels are even higher. The health psychologist Kelly McGonigal is talking about different stress management strategies. She explains that stress is inevitable and we can learn how to reduce it and make it our friend.

What makes us get sick? Look upstream – Rishi Manchanda

While working with patients, Rishi Manchanda realized the importance of finding the root of the health problems. Before treating the after effect with medicines he prefers to understand the core trigger of the sickness. It could be an irregular or unhealthy diet, increased stress levels and other problems which occur from the environmental and the social aspects. He believes in the holistic approach.


Want to change the world? Start by being brave enough to care – Cleo Wade

Being brave and being caring are two of the most distinctive features of the nurses. Even now during the pandemic the nursing staff continues to be kind and caring for every single patient. This TED talk by Cleo Wade points out the importance of being a human being at first place. Being a good person in this challenging world could be hard. However, being a genuine and caring person could change for you and for others for good, so it is worth trying.


There are many TED talk videos which could give you motivation and power to continue with your lifestyle positively. Nurses, try to make time for yourself and take your daily dose of inspiration and motivation in the nursing career. Share with us your favorite sources of motivation and TED talks. It could be a useful source for another nurse! Let’s be good and inspire each other through the difficult times.

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