Mental Wellbeing: A question to all our nurses: Are you OKAY? 

You may have heard about the open-hearted campaign ‘’Are you OKAY?’’ by Meghan Markle. Just recently she shared her emotional experience about the miscarriage of her second child and all the pain and inner suffering she and her husband Prince Harry have been through.

‘’Are you OKAY?’’ is a simple question but a really important one, she shares, as it helps situations not by solving the problem but simply by showing care and empathy for the person’s inner fights. You cannot change what has happened, but it is OKAY to share it and take off some of the pain you bear on your shoulder by expressing it. Unfortunately, many people grieve and suffer in private and feel ashamed to speak out loud about their personal issues which only worsens their wellbeing. The duchess of Sussex encourages everybody to protect their mental health by not fearing to express themselves and open up about their inner worries, concerns and pains. Be good, be human, and ask your friends and even strangers if they are okay, show empathy and receive the same!

Dear Nurses, are you OKAY? 

\"\"Have you asked yourself or a fellow nurse if they are okay?
This year more than ever you need to look after your mental wellbeing. The healthcare workforce has been under huge pressure which has undoubtedly affected the nurses who fight day and night to save people’s lives.
Nurses, you are appreciated by all of us, and we want you to be OKAY! There is an emotional side of your job which we cannot see but it is there, hidden deeply in your hearts and minds. It is there when you go to bed and cannot fall asleep because you think of the patient you look after whose physical wellbeing is getting worse, or when you drive in the car and all you could think about it is the lost life battle of this sweet and kind person you tried to save by all means. 

Work overload, fear of exposure to the virus, facing the fear in the eyes every day, the fatal cases of patients and colleagues – all these factors are adding up to the stress and pressure you might feel. 

Ask yourself Am I OKAY? Is my colleague OKAY? Help each other go through the worries and problems together. It is not easy, but it is worth it for your inner peace to open up to the world!

Ways of looking after your mental wellbeing 

1) Open up and share

With the risk of repeating ourselves, we want you to understand the importance of expressing yourself along with your fears and problems, as this is the first step towards healing. You should feel no shame, if you are not feeling okay.
It is OKAY to talk!  What are you going through? Did you share your current worries with your family, friends, colleagues or a professional?

Here is the mental health helpline for nurses: 0300 131 7000
There you can receive psychological support regarding any personal or professional issues and concerns you might face.  You are not alone, nurses. Share and receive!


2) Meditate for Mental Wellbeing 

We understand that your schedules are full and you rarely find time for yourself but it is crucial for your mental wellbeing that you take a few ‘selfish’ minutes for yourself daily.
Meditation doesn’t have to take much of your time -10 minutes in the morning, in between shifts or after shifts could do the job. Be alone – in a room or even in the car. You can also play calming music if you want to, but the only thing you really need is your inner peace. Close your eyes and try to escape from the reality and to visualize your perfect day, year and lifetime! Namaste.

Listen to this quick guided meditation for Nurses – 15 mins

3) Quick 10 minutes exercise for Mental Wellbeing 

Again in accordance with your busy schedule, you can try to do some morning jogging before shifts. It boosts your immune system plus your mood and energy for the day. Energetic start of the day, good mood during the day! In case your mornings are busy, you can do some quick stretching in between shifts. Being physically well is a crucial step towards a stress-free life. 

\"\"4) Listen to motivational podcasts 

Even when you’re cooking or driving to your shift in the hospital you can play an influential podcast to remind you about the beauties of life for a good start of the day. Podcasts about how people overcome certain situations, about current personal struggles and life journeys can motivate you to never give up because there are many things in life to be grateful about.
There are even several podcasts of nurses which you can put your playlist which you can find our blog – 6 Top Podcasts for Healthcare Professional
Stay motivated!

You will be OK!

Stress factors could vary and you might face challenges on a daily basis, but when you feel on the edge you do not have to stress out alone at home and keep it to yourself.
Are you OKAY? Ask this question and answer it from the heart. Take the burden off your shoulders and help a fellow friend express what keeps them from sleeping at night. Show empathy and be open hearted. Those small but significant actions can change somebody’s life.
Meanwhile, look after your mental wellbeing on a daily basis by taking actions to improve your lifestyle during your free time!

Dear Nurses, please share your personal stories about Covid19 challenges you face. Be open hearted and express yourself. We will listen!

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