Recruiters Stories: Experience with Mylocum

This article is about Recruiters stories where Mylocum members will tell you about their experience and what advice they would like to give you when joining Mylocum Recruitment. Mylocum is a leading global healthcare recruitment agency specialising in the recruitment of all healthcare professionals.  Their mission is to place the right candidate in the right […]

Being a Recruitment Consultant: Growth Scope at Mylocum Academy

This article is all about Being a Recruitment Consultant in the Healthcare Industry. Mylocum Academy is a place where we are honoured to devote time and expert training for the next generation of recruiters.   This profession is one of our top roles that we look for in this company so that our nurses, doctors […]

Mylocum Academy: Who we are, What we do

Welcome to Mylocum Academy! This article is going to be all about introducing you to our new program where we are going to be explaining to you what we do and who we are. Who we are, What we do? Watch this video to know more about Mylocum Academy from Afghan Khan – Director HR, […]