NHS Diversity: How many foreigners work in the NHS?

First of all, Nurses, what is diversity about for the NHS? Diversity is all about recognizing and valuing differences through inclusion, regardless of: Age  Disability  Gender  Religion Belief  Commitments outside of work Part-time or shift work Language Perspectives  Opinions  You must put patients first in everything we do by reaching out to staff, patients, carers, […]

How to Write a Great CV: Tips for Nurses 2022

This article will show you how to write a great CV that’s ready for 2022 and beyond. We will also link Nurse CV samples at the end to help you create your own.   What to include in your Nurse CV  There are so many things you could decide to talk about, highlight and showcase within […]

A day in the life of an A&E Nurse: Advice for newly qualified nurses

We\’re going to share some insight into what a normal day in the A&E ward for all of you nurses looks like.  We\’ll also be sharing advice for newly qualified nurses, as well as how to get support if you\’re having problems. Learn why nurses choose to work for agencies and how to register with […]

Tips on How to Build a Trustful Nurse & Patient Relationship

In this blog, we are going to give you a few tips on ways to build a trustful nurse and patient relationship   Building trust with patients is one of the most important aspects of a nurse’s role. Nurses, who take the time to establish a positive relationship with patients. Then gain a better understanding […]

10 of the Best UK Podcasts for Nurses

This article is about 10 of the Best UK Podcasts for Nurses. We will be talking about why you should listen to the podcasts. Also, we are going to briefly talk about each of the 10 UK podcasts. Why you should listen to these podcasts Why is listening to the podcasts so important to nurses? […]

Top Nursing Specialties for New Grads

If you\’re reading about Nursing Specialties, that means you have finished your education and are looking for your dream job. Congratulations nurses, you did it!   As the title says, this article is about the Top Nursing Specialities for New Grads. We are briefly going to talk about the most common type of nursing specialities. […]

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: How it Applies to Nursing

This article will cover Maslow\’s hierarchy of needs and how it applies no nursing. We are going to talk about the 5 levels that relate to nurse communication and why they are so important. Not familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs? Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a motivational theory in psychology comprising a 5 tier […]

Top 5 Nursing Universities in Wales

Are you indecisive about the university you should join? Well don\’t worry this article is about the Top 5 Nursing Universities in Wales. We\’ll go over these universities briefly below to help you decide which one is suitable for you and to provide you a basic understanding of these universities.   This is the RGN […]