Nursing job is much more complicated than what it seems to the normal eyes. People have a dilemma that the nurses are meant to take care of the admitted patients, right. But it is just one part of their job. There are many more roles that they serve in a hospital or a clinic.

Just like that, the role of community nurse and district nurse is considered as similar, but they do have differences amongst them. In this article, you will know about the differences between these nurses in terms of their job roles.

What Do You Mean By District And Community Nursing?

Before you can go ahead and know the differences between them, you need to know about what is a district and community nursing. Under district nursing, a general nurse is registered who is destined to join the primary healthcare teams with leaders. They do their job without indulging in the surgery practices of the doctors. They are pretty much aware of making necessary decisions on the spot to help support patient care. They mostly handle senior citizens.

Community nursing is all about hiring nurses who can handle the internal works of the healthcare system. The community nurses are liable for performing their job roles at the home of patients or in a particular health care clinic or hospital. The community nurses are trained to take care of the vulnerable, disabled, and elderly patients who cannot go to the hospital for seeking regular check-ups. They are known for their skills, such as clinical nursing, leadership, practice development, and care program management.

Differences Between District Nursing and Community Nursing

In most cases, these two titles represent the same job roles. But in some cases, the community nurses might work under the supervision of the district nurses. It is probably the only difference that expresses the seniority of the district nurses over community nurses. It is the client who decided on which type of nurse can help provide them with better care.

There are possibly no differences as they both have taken similar kind of training degree to be in the position where they are. Therefore, today the district and community nurses are categorized based on the area type, such as towns, villages, and cities. It intends that there are no differences in terms of skills, knowledge, or expertise between the community nurses and district nurses.

When people find it difficult to stay admitted in the hospitals with higher bed charges, they prefer hiring the district or community nursing facilities to get the necessary care at ease of home. It is eventually less expensive and is much more beneficial as you would get cured faster when you are in your home with your family.


These are a few of the associated details to explain the possible differences between community and district nursing facilities. Both are similar to the maximum extent and serve the patients with utmost care and concern.

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