How To Become A Locum Doctor In The UK

What Is A Locum Doctor And What Are The Benefits? 

Being a locum doctor gives you the ideal alternative to work in a permanent role at a general practice or local hospital. Even though the overall duties and responsibilities would probably be the same, there are a number of differences between being a locum doctor and a permanent position doctor. Usually locum doctors take advantage of the opportunity to work part time and schedule their own shifts accordingly. Broadly speaking, locums are normal doctors who have more flexibility over their working hours and salary. And that is the main reason why doctors choose locum work over the regular permanent positions. Apart from flexibility and increased income, working as a locum doctor has other benefits such as improved work-life balance, building up a larger professional network. What is more, many doctors choose to do both. They use the locum job as a source of earning some extra money on the weekends, for instance. This is a really convenient and profitable way to increase your income.  It is undoubtedly a must consider opportunity for doctors seeking a change! 

How To Find Work In The UK?

The NHS spends billions of pounds each year on agency workers. Each year the number of money spent on agency workers increases. This means that more and more doctors are making the move from their permanent positions and consider the benefits of being a locum.
The easiest and fastest way to find your desired job as a locum doctor in the UK is through an agency. One of the many advantages of applying for a healthcare recruitment agency is having the ability to tailor your working hours around your schedule and your personal life. They work closely with medical companies and will organize your shifts in accordance with your preferences. 

Agencies like Mylocum provide a personal service by which for each nurse there is allocated one consultant that will provide a 1 to 1 consultancy and full attention. Working closely with your consultants and developing a long lasting relationship makes it much easier for the consultant to understand your individual needs and to find the right shifts that match your preferences.
Mylocum is a NHS Network approved agency with 15 years of experience in permanent and temporary medical recruitment with an impressive database. Our mission is to support medical companies in the recruitment process to make it as efficient and as cost- effective as possible, while providing the best bespoke staffing solution that would suit each of our client’s and candidate’s individual needs and deliver the best possible outcome. The procedures are made as simple as possible because we aim to make the life of the nurses and doctors easier.
You can check the registration process below :

Checklist – Requirements Of Being A Locum Doctor?

As a locum doctor, you will still need to be fully qualified as a doctor just like you would in a permanent full-time position. You need to have full registration with the GMC (General Medical Council), and be registered as a GP or practitioner. What can really work in your favor is having many credentials and of course enough experience. In this way you have a competitive advantage and a chance to be spotted through the high number of applications. 

When you start your registration procedure with an agency you will need to provide documents to prove you are compliant. You can check the required documents on our website: or you can directly contact a member of our compliance team.

We will help you find the job you deserve! Visit our Job listings or our Company Profile on Reed or Jobmedic to explore more job options! 

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