Iconic Nurses Worth Knowing About

We would like to start with- All Nurses, Healthcare Workers, Doctors are ICONIC! Working across the world during this COVID-19 pandemic are real heroes, and they deserve genuine respect from all. They have been truly inspirational.

When it comes to getting inspiration to work as a nurse and offering people better healthcare services, you can always take the example of iconic nurses and what they had done in their lives. This article will get to know some of the iconic nurses and their contribution to nursing. Besides, you will also learn about celebrities who were once nurses. So, let’s get started

Mary Seacole (1805 to 1881)

She was a black Jamaican lady who entirely dedicated her life and money to offer Jamaican and British soldiers’ treatments. Due to her race, she was first rejected by the British soldiers. However, during the wrong time, she answered a call from Florence Nightingale and bought nursing kits and medical supplies for the soldiers. Besides, she also treated the soldiers with her herbal knowledge. Mary was an independent nurse, and she used her money to offer all the necessary help to the British soldiers. For her contribution and care, she earned the “Mother Seacole” title.

Walt Whiteman (1819 to 1892)

Popularly known as “One Americas,” Walt Whiteman was an influential poet of that time, and he was a writer and a teacher. However, his journey in the field of nursing was exciting.  During the time of the American Civil War, to see his brother, he traveled to Frederiksberg. There he saw injured soldiers along with his brother. With no training and skills, Walt helped them. He had visited more than 600 hospitals and see above 90,000 patients.

Florence Nightingale (1820 to 1910)

She is always considered as the first-ever professional nurse in the medical industry. After getting permission from his father to become a nurse, Florence started her journey with formal training at Alexandria’s the Institute of St. Vincent de Paul. In the year 1954, with 38 nurses, she arrived in Turkey to offer treatments to wounded and sick British soldiers. Her work in this field made her earn the title “The Lad with the Lamp.” It may be noted that he was also a professional statistician, and her collected data is now called the Polar Area Diagram.

Mary Todd Lincoln (1818 to 1882)

Wife of Abraham Lincoln, first president of America, Mary worked as a nurse in Union hospitals during the Civil War. Besides, she also used her power to raise money for freeing slaves so that they can join the fight.

Tina Turner (1939 to Present)

This legendary vocalist and a great singer of the world dream of working as a full-time nurse. In fact, at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, she worked as a nurse’s aide.

Audrey Hepburn (1930 to 1963)

This well-known starlet of Hollywood, during World War II, volunteered in a Dutch hospital.  She used to perform the silent dance to raise money to support the resistance to the occupation of Nazis in the Netherland. She spent most of her time with UNICEF in later life.

All the nurses working across the world during this COVID-19 pandemic are real healthcare heroes, and they deserve genuine respect from all. They have been truly inspirational.


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