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The NHS has always been one of the most progressive healthcare systems in the world. The National Health Service provides health care for ALL UK citizens who need it. It is not dependent on their ability to pay for it. However, this great system is experiencing a big shortage of staff in recent years. This has been felt even more during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.
Therefore, one of the ways the UK government is tackling the crisis is by providing staff from outside of the country. Overseas recruitment is a reasonable solution for the staff shortage problem. It is beneficial for both sides – the overseas healthcare professionals and the NHS. It is a great opportunity for all nurses who would like to build their career in one of the most developed countries in the world. What is more, here we are not only talking about work but also about building your life in a prosperous country. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of coming in the UK as an international nurse:

Pay rates, annual leaves and holidays
Workwise and lifestyle wise the salary factor is probably the most determining one. In comparison to other countries the UK provides one of the most compatible pay rates in the healthcare sector. The basic pay is starting from £24,907 a year for 37.5 hours a week, with extra payments for evenings, nights and weekends (NHS Professionals International, 2021). Furthermore, as a healthcare staff in the UK you benefit from 27 days paid leave plus 8 public Bank holidays per year.

Relocation packages
Moving house is expensive. And what can we say about moving countries? After proving you’re eligible to work as a nurse in the UK with all required documents, the agency schedules interviews for you with certain NHS trusts. If they approve your application and give you an offer letter, most of them also support your moving process. The relocation packages vary and they might include: free flights to the UK, paid accommodation for your first 2-3 months, refunded visa costs, refunded English language exam fees, refunded Tier 2 visa costs, payment of your OSCE and a free OSCE training course (NHS Professionals International, 2021).

Job security and great development opportunities
Nurses are the main driving power of the NHS and building your nursing career there will bring you the desired job security. Hospitals are unable to function without their nurses. The pandemic opened the eyes of many people on how important healthcare professionals are. This and the continuing shortage of nurses in the UK guarantee your job security as a nurse in the UK.

Requirements and Process:


Mylocum International Recruitment

Connecting Global Talent to the UK Healthcare Industry

Relocating to the UK to work as a nurse with Mylocum Group offers an enormous amount of potential for you, your career and your family.

Who are we?

Mylocum Group is a leading global recruitment agency specializing in the recruitment of all healthcare professionals. Established 14 years ago, we have come a long way from starting as a Locum Doctors agency to further expanding into Locum Nursing and Overseas recruitment agency helping global talent connect with the UK healthcare sector. Our mission is to place the right candidate in the right employment for their skills, experience and requirements in the shortest time possible.

We strive to offer a seamless service to our clients and continue to challenge ourselves and our services – to ensure we are one step ahead.

Mylocum and Overseas Recruitment

With the help of our former RO – Dr. T. Jaiganesh, we were able to place Doctors from India (Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Kerala) in multiple Trusts in the UK. We have a dedicated partner in India as well as our own team based in India who help us to source high calibre healthcare professionals. Our efficient, robust and comprehensive compliance team is fully aware of the requirements you’ll have to fulfil before starting your job.

We have exclusive recruitment partnerships in India, Abu Dhabi and the Philippines. Mylocum also has exclusive access to CBT online training centre with a high success rate. Simply be sure that you have the required papers in place and we will take over from there!

Here is our simple recruitment process for overseas nurses:

\"\"Our Success Story: Testimonial by Shanthini – Lecturer at St Francis Hospice

How would you describe your experience with us?

-I came to the UK in 2003. I was fortunate to be able to get in touch with this agency, who were recruiting nurses to the UK at the time. The process to my amazement was very professionally managed and I was kept informed regularly regarding the process of my application. I had to send my details via an application form. I had all the necessary professional qualifications and IELTS scores needed at that time. 

I had a telephone interview which was conducted very professionally and after the interview I was given an opportunity to ask any questions regarding the process, the job itself and anything regarding life in the UK. I found it very useful and comforting to have my questions and fears listened to and answered with an openness and honesty

How did you adjust to the UK?

Coming to the UK, as I stepped foot in was a dream. My first few weeks as I settled into my job was very well managed by the agency who were there to ensure I was comfortable and orientated to my locality. The terms and conditions for which I had signed up were met and I didn’t face any unpleasant shocks with my contract etc. At that time I had to go through a process of “adaptation” as was the requirement by the NMC. Again I had constant contact with the agency who made sure I was happy with the conditions and my stay. I have had no regrets and am truly grateful for the way the entire process was dealt with and any of the expenses incurred by me in the process

Where are you today?

Today I’m a contented band 7 nurse practicing in the UK, I have received a Masters degree from Imperial College and I am happily married with two beautiful children –  all because of this life journey that began in 2002 with the directors of Mylocum.’’

If you are interested in starting your nursing journey from overseas through Mylocum please send us your required qualifications and CV to

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