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Registered General Nurse

A Registered General Nurse looks after patients who need the right care and support. To keep updated records of their health conditions and give patients their medications.

Registered Mental Health Nurse

Registered Mental Health Nurses are responsible to plan and provide the correct support to their patients. To even give professional advice on medical nursing care they will be getting if they are going through anxiety, depression and eating disorders.


Midwives handle pregnant women by monitoring women and support them during labour and the birthing process. They will know if patients are having a healthy baby or if there is an issue that woman's need to focus on.

A&E Nurse

A&E Nurses provide medical care to patients who are suffering from injuries and acute illnesses. Nurses must make sure they are examining them, taking patients' vital signs, observing their physical condition and performing procedures

Endoscopy Nurse

An Endoscopy Nurse has to make sure they are assisting the procedures and specialised patients care before, during and after the procedure. Alongside answering patients and addressing any concerns patients may have.

Community Nurse

Community Nurses are trained to perform a variety of procedures which may include basic care (blood pressure and breathing), helping doctors with examinations and dressing any wounds patients may have.

ITU Nurse

An ITU Nurse is monitoring, observing, assessing and charting vital signs to make sure that all the medical records are up to date if there has been any changes in their patients. They even have to insure that all equipment is working correctly such as ventilators.

ADHD Nurse

ADHD Nurses are always monitoring children and young people who are being treated and to provide full support to their families. They must include the process of assessment, diagnosis and any other issues.

    Anesthetist Nurse

    Accident & Emergency Nurse

    ADHD Nurse

    Burn Care Nurse

    Children’s Learning Disability

    Community Health Nurse

    Clinical Nurse Specialist

    Surgical Ward Nurse

    Dermatology Nurse 

    Developmental Disability Nurse 

    Domestic Violence 

    Endoscopy Nurse

    Gynecology Nurse 

    Genetics Nurse

    Hematology Nurse

    HIV/AIDS Care Nurse

    Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing

    Oncology Nurse

    Home Health Care Nursing 

    Hospice Nurse 

    ITU Nurse 

    ICU Nurse 

    Medical Ward Nurse 


    Orthopedic Nurse

    Pediatric Nurse

    Public Health Nurse

    Registered General Nurse 

    Registered Mental Health Nurse

    School Nurse 

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