The aging population is now more in need of care than before. Therefore, the trend in increasing the nurses staff has intensified. According to BBC, one reason for the nursing shortage crisis is that the need for qualified nurses has grown, however the number of trainees has not. 

What are the Nursing Salaries?

A qualified Nurse in the UK can earn in their first year approximately £22,000. In addition to basic nursing pay, there is also extra pay for staff who work in high cost areas such as around London.

The average pay rates for common nursing careers

It is about £20,000 – £40,000 (RN, Cardiology, Home Care, Dialysis, Mental Health).

According to, the median salary for a registered nurse (RN) in the UK is £23,000. Adding up the bonuses and other compensations, a Registered Nurse with experience of more than 20 years can expect 15% more than these average amounts. In comparison a Registered Nurse with less experience than 20 years may earn up to £34,105.  

 Some of the highest paid Nursing jobs are in cardiology specialization. These nurses reported to earn with 18% more than the national average. 

Healthcare recruitment agencies reports show that Registered Mental Health Nurses earn on average around £40,000. The ones who work with Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services jobs can earn slightly higher compensations. 

Alternatively, advanced nurse practitioners have a different salary. Their salary may be up to £72,000. Certified registered nurse anesthetists are in particularly high demand and may earn over £70,000 annually.

Normally, those who are experienced and have reached the top of their field can expect high levels of compensation. According to NHS, one of the highest paying positions in nursing is being a director of nursing. A director of nursing within the NHS can earn £95,000 annually.

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Future trends in the nursing industry

According to nursing in Practice Registered General Nurses are an ageing demographic. The demand for this position continues to grow. If you are at the beginning of your nursing career, this trend represents an opportunity. Joining general practice now, will give you lots of clinical experience and fill an important gap in the Uk’s health care system.

Alternatively,nurses will work with more educated consumers. Due to this fact, nurses will need changes in education due to changes in demographics. According to Host Healthcare, the latest trend has revealed that as the population lives beyond their average life-expectancy, chronic diseases are also on the increase. The majority of these patients are inpatients that are suffering from acute illnesses that require special care.

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