The advancement in the field of technology has greatly influenced the global medical industry. Now the drug reference books are getting replaced by mobile applications. Well, all such things have greatly enhanced the access time as well as the availability of vital information. It can be said that online tools or mobile technology for nursing are now growing. They are now minimizing medical error, educating and enhancing the overall performance of nurses, and also improvising the clinical workflow. When selecting online tools or apps that you want to incorporate in your nursing career, you should not think about how many of the best purchase or download a nurse does.

You need to think about the technology that can simplify the nursing works, educate and improve patient care. So, here are some best apps or technology that you can use in your nursing career to offer better healthcare services.

  1. Medscape mobile app

By signing up with the Medscape Mobile app, you will get free access to the website and app for Kindle Fire, iPhone, iPad as well as android devices. This gives the latest medical news, recent development in the medical industry, FDA announcements, journal articles, and conference news. Besides, you will get information about more than 1000 medical topics.

  1. Epocrates

Epocrates is developed to offer high-tech drug reference guides. It will connect you to an advanced mobile app that will operate as a pill identifier, supplier of a drug interaction data, and medical match calculator. For more details and features, you can go for its yearly paid subscription, which starts at USD 159.99.

  1. PatientTouch

This app, developed by PatientSafe Solutions, helps in optimizing the total amount of time you nurses spend with their patients. A study was conducted to know the effectiveness of the application on patient safety, and it was found that it can lower the medication errors by around 99 percent. Using this app, one can edit records of the patients without leaving the patient’s bedside.

  1. Merck Manuals

This app is available for mobile as well as for the web. This platform is considered as an ideal solution for assisting nurses in providing better healthcare to the patients. When using it on your iPad, you can use its features, like Universal Index Search, you will get tips, updates, and notifications about healthcare and more.

  1. Skyscape for nurses

This medical app offers a huge selection of general nursing tools as well as mobile resources. This app can be used by anesthetist’s nurse, medical-surgical nurses as well as other specialties. It also includes other medical apps, like Skyscape NP suite and Labs 360.

  1. StudyBlue

This online study tool is used by more than 4 million nursing students. It allows nurses to self-quiz, review notecards, and track their progress. It also comes with voice-to-text features for all the online flashcards that enhance the nurses’ ability to incorporate videos, sound, text, and images.

These are some best and useful online tools and apps that you can use to enhance your nursing skills and can have a good career in this field.

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