Finding the desirable job can take some time, it can be a stressful task having to go through several job recruitment platforms as well as healthcare recruitment agencies. The purpose of this blog is an informative one, helping nurses narrowing down four popular and targeted job sites where we found nurses like, and why healthcare recruiting agencies are a plus to apply for. 

Jobmedic is one of the leading agencies in online healthcare and nursing recruitment advertising. They promote healthcare agencies, NHS and private jobs which have a large amount of vacancies across the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). has put forward thousands of jobs across the UK, for NHS nursing jobs, midwife jobs, registered mental health nurse, health visitors, social care and health care assistants and many more healthcare jobs. 


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Adzuna has the mission to put forward thousands of websites and job vacancies allowing you to discover different jobs, so you can choose from a large pallet of options . They provide smart search options using the power of technology to help match people better with their desired job, giving all the information you need to decide your career.

Adzuna is a larger platform including other industries as well, however the healthcare industry does not miss and it is well structured to meet your requirements with locations all over the UK. 

Recruiting Agencies

You are probably asking yourself why to apply through an agency. Agencies put candidates through a filter and check their qualifications, they make sure that you are meeting all the legal recruitment. Therefore, medical companies trust these agencies and know they will put the best candidate forward. Moreover, agencies help you with any question, and they also act as an advisory to place you regarding your requirements.  As an example, we, at mylocum offer candidates free online and practical training and find the most suitable working place for each individual to meet their preferences. This way, candidates will have better chances to get employed.


Although LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals, it can be used as a job platform. For job seekers, creating a strong business profile, might help you get recruited by listing all the key skills and experience, having all the details strategically incorporated throughout your profile. Moreover, interacting and posting on your profile will build up a stronger and impact image for employee seekers. From our opinion, LinkedIn can be the best social media platform for career oriented people. Sharing your values, skills and experiences on a platform where business people are active can be a plus in your career. Opportunities might pop up when you don’t even expect!

Mylocum is a 15 years approved agency that works closely with medical companies to recruit the best people for our clients. We also help our candidates by providing online and practical training.  If you would like to find out more about Mylocum agency nursing , feel free to contact one of our dedicated Nurse team via email or give us a call 020 3893 4117.

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