Options after FY2: Locum Doctors while Deciding the Future?

The Long Path of Becoming a Doctor

Becoming a doctor is a long process of studying and hard work. It is not uncommon that people spend around 10 years of studying in order to become a fully-trained doctor in the UK. As shown on the image below the path is long, but it all depends on what you want from your doctor’s career. 

\"LocumAs you already know the first step is earning a medical degree. It’s easier said than done, right? Getting a medical degree – sounds so simple, and then boom 10 years of studying and placements. It takes around 5-6 years of studying before you can start your practices. But we all know it’s worth it. You know your goal and you follow the road step by step.
After completing your studies you qualify with MB or MBBS, depending on your university program. Then the fun begins.

You’ve already gained sufficient knowledge in the medical field and now it’s time for action. This would mean your ‘foundation programme’ or as you might have heard Foundation years 1 and 2 (FY1 and FY2). This is your practice. During these years you work as a doctor under supervision. It’s the first level of clinical training for qualified doctors that bridges the gap between medical school and specialty training. After completing FY1 you are allowed to gain full GMC (General Medical Council) registration. Upon successfully completing your FY2 you should have received enough working experience and you’re now ready to apply for further study and training in a specialised area of medicine. Here comes the very important choice each doctor needs to make. We want to emphasize that this decision impacts your whole future, therefore we have dedicated the rest of the blog on that topic. 

Options for Doctors after FY2

At this stage you have full GMC registration. Now you get to decide on what routes you wish to continue your career. It is a great moment of fulfillment after all these years of studying and practice. On one hand you take a deep breath and congratulate yourself for all the hard work to get to this stage. On the other hand the defining decision for your career comes in the daylight. Now more than ever you need to make up your mind and make the right choice of specialty.

Yes, we know .. at this stage of your life the phrase ‘The world is your oyster!’ brings contradictory feelings. But it doesn’t need to sound scary. If you look on the bright side you will see that this is an exceptional opportunity. Explore the options before taking a final decision.
Here are two popular options among newly qualified doctors after their FY2:

FY3 – Taking a Year Out

Many doctors consider taking a career break after FY2. The decision could be triggered by a desire to travel around the world, or it might be an escape from the so-called ‘hamster wheel’ cycle. Anyhow, the gap year has been a popular choice among newly qualified doctors as a way of finding themselves before diving back into specialty training.

Taking a year out could be tricky, though. If you don’t plan it properly you might end up lost. It is not recommended to take a gap year without securing a job to come back to. 

Locum Doctor while Deciding Your Future 

Becoming a locum doctor could be a great choice after your foundation years. It is an excellent option for doctors who want to try things out before diving into the deep. In this way you still work as a doctor, earn good money, plus you have time for thinking about your specialty training. Locum work has so many perks. Broadly speaking, locums are normal doctors who have more flexibility over their working hours and salary. Apart from flexibility and increased income, working as a locum doctor has other benefits such as improved work-life balance, and building up a larger professional network. All these aspects are really beneficial for a newly qualified doctor before stepping into specialization. 


Becoming a Locum Doctor in the UK 

Getting your full GMC registration after FY1 allows you to begin your journey as a locum doctor.

Generally speaking a locum doctor is temporarily covering a position. Locum doctors are highly demanding across the UK. Especially in the past one year because of the pandemic. Therefore, you can conclude that there are many career options available for doctors and physicians.

The easiest and fastest way to find your desired job as a locum doctor in the UK is through an agency. One of the many advantages of applying for a healthcare recruitment agency is having the ability to tailor your working hours around your schedule and your personal life. We work closely with medical companies and will organize your shifts in accordance with your preferences. Get a better understanding of How To Become A Locum Doctor In The UK and its benefits so that you can make the right decision for your career!

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What are the best options for doctors after their foundation years? Share your opinion in the comments section and exchange ideas with others. 

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