The number of doctors who choose a locum career has been continuously increasing in the last few years.
But there are still a few concerns which stop you to be a locum doctor, right? We know exactly how you can overcome them and follow your locum career!

Myth 1: “I need to fill out a lot of forms”

The biggest concern to switch to locum job opportunities is definitely the forms that need to be completed.

The whole process is one time procedure and it is necessary for the locum agencies to ensure that you meet the requirements for the locum roles.

Moreover, once all of the forms are being placed and completed, you would know for sure that you have done your part from this deal and you can always cover yourself.

Our dedicated compliance team will guide and assist you through the entire process. Besides, once the plan of action is done, your documents will be held in our database. Thus it will be much easier for every single time when you are working as locum tenens.

Myth 2: “It takes long time before I start my locum job”

No, it doesn’t.

Actually once all the documents are done, you are ready to move to next stage. You just need to provide the required documents on time.

The next step starts with a thorough analysis of your skills and requirements. We offer an authentic overview of current market trend to encourage your individual needs.

Our experienced team will ensure that you start working as soon as possible, as our dedicated consultants match your skills with the best locum jobs.

Myth 3: “I will have an unstable schedule”

Let’s be fair: it’s not an unstable schedule, but a flexible one. Remember the work-life balance that we are all trying to reach? Good news: you can save time for your shopping plans or for the tea you have promised to your best friend.

In other words, this gives you a full control of your own daily schedule, as you gain freedom regarding your agenda.

Once you talk to our consultants and you mention the dates of your availability, our team will go extra mile with 100% effort to make sure we find the best match for you.

Myth 4: “My career will not grow”

Do you think the locum job won’t give them a chance to grow? You’re wrong.

Whilst you work as a locum you will be able to add the benefit of extra experience by choosing many different positions at different hospitals and teams.

Besides, during this time, you will have a lot of time to develop your professional career. We will support you in earning your CPD points. We launched comprehensive medical training and learning services delivered by our expert tutors, so we can help your career to take the right course with MyCPD Training.

Myth 5: “I feel like I don’t belong anywhere”

We know that you are constantly changing the working circumstances and you are coping with the uncertainty and risks as a locum.

Moving from a hospital to another one is part of the life of a locum. Although you are working as temporary role in different places, you should try to maintain good relationships with all of the team, because it really matters. For instance, building great relationships can help you create bonds with your colleagues and this can be really useful for your future career path.

Moreover, it’s a great opportunity to feel the real taste of the challenge, as each new workplace brings you new opportunities to follow and take advantage, new people to meet and new experiences to tell.

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