Nursing careers or being a staff nurse can become overwhelming sometimes due to the amount of work they need to do, the personal life tasks they need to manage in balance with work or simply just because they are understaffed. Although staff nurses are already prepared to carry out their nursing responsibilities, they will likely need to have strategies for self-care. Otherwise they may suffer from burnout, especially during Holiday season. This blog has the aim to make nurses aware of their well being around Holiday period and bit of guidance over the process.

The symptoms of a stressful nurse:


Each staff nurse has experienced stress over the time. However, some may have a harder time escaping it. As a staff nurse it is much harder to handle stress because the celebration of Christmas can make you feel isolated as you miss out quality time with your family, or even Christmas marketing can be overwhelming, as you see all the things that are happening during this time. The most important thing you must accept if you are dealing with stress Is that it’s completely normal and everyone around you has dealt with it at some point in their life. Awareness, Acceptance and thinking how to overcome it, gives you the power to surpass it. Common symptoms of stress in a nurse career include:

  • Absence from work or from meeting family and friends without any good reason
  • Irritability
  • Doubting others
  • Disengagement from job-related activities and co-workers
  • Low sense of personal accomplishment.
  • Physical, mental and emotional exhaustion.
  • Poor job performance.
  • Lack of enthusiasm

If you find yourself in one of the above symptoms, don’t worry, accept the stress and think about solutions that could make your life a little bit easier.

Here are some tips that could help you avoid or overcome stress during Holiday Seasons:

  1. Pay attention to your physical, mental and emotional health to protect yourself from becoming ill or depressed.
  2. Take your time before going to your shifts, to eat and have your morning/evening routines. This will help you feel prepared for work.
  3. Do not skip your breaks. These are very important to detach from the hectic environment and enables you to relax, to eat, hydrate yourself and get away from work concerns.
  4. Find hobbies or activities to have diversity in your life. Often, monotony encourage stress or depression to kick in.
  5. Plan a vacation to have something to look forward and be enthusiastic about.
  6. Engage in exercise such as running, walking, swimming or just going to the gym release endorphins in your body that can boost your mood and give you more energy.

However, if your family is flexible and you can postpone your Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner you won’t have to miss on anything.

In the end cultivating compassion regarding our own feelings and the feeling of others is key during Holiday season. Remain aware of what others may be experiencing, be kind, understanding and give yourself a break when you feel the need to, that’s the true holiday spirit in action.

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