In this article, we are going to be talking about Nursing Now and how it relates to Wales. Also we will talk about the Key Priorities in Wales that take action for the Nursing and Midwifery Council to help the health improvements. 


This is the Surgical Wards Staff Nurse we currently have in Newport, Wales.

Nursing Now 

The Nursing Now is a global campaign that is to raise nursing standards and improve health worldwide. They will work with health employers to create leadership development opportunities for 100,000 nurses and midwives in more than 150 countries. 


Nursing Now has strengthening nursing that would make a major construction to the 3 goals of sustainable development which are:


  • Improved Health 
  • Greater gender equality
  • Economic development


What does Wales have to do with Nursing Now? Nursing Now Cymru Wales has officially joined Nursing Now, a global project with better education, professional development and employment conditions amongst its aims. 


The Nursing Now Cymru Wales campaign relies heavily on public health service in Wales. It was launched in 2018, which is a global campaign that is being ruined in collaboration with the International Council of Nurses and the World Health Organization.


There was a call of action at a local and global level promoting the opportunities to raise the profile of nursing across a range of themes, for example:


  • Building resilience and promoting well-being in our students and registrants.
  • Increasing and improving dissemination of effective and innovative practice in nursing to drive consistency in system wide adoption. 
  • Strengthening and building leadership and influencing capability at all levels. 
  • To actively encourage and increase diversity in nursing and midwifery to positively influence inclusion of discounted groups promoting social and economic development. 
  • Preparing students and supporting nurses and midwives to recognise their role responsibility in contributing to prevention, improving individual and population health outcomes.


This is the Neurology Wards Staff Nurse we currently have in Cardiff, Wales.

Key Priorities in Wales

The strategic goal is to the full potential of the nursing and midwifery professionals in order to meet, in partnership with others, the changing health and well-being needs of people living in Wales.


The nursing and midwifery priorities for action 2016 to 2021 are:

Voice and Leadership:

  • Ensure nurses and midwives have a strong voice at all levels of health care. That includes the point of care, board level and within government.
  • Promote nursing and midwifery leadership at operational and strategic level. That’s including within primary care clusters; recognising the important clinical leadership role nurses and midwives have on the outcome of patients care.


  • Promote appropriate values within the nursing and midwifery professions that reflect car, compassion, kindness and personal centeredness.
  • Introduce employer clinical supervision.
  • Support the embedding of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) code and revalidation.

Workforce and Education:

  • Support the development and introduction of new and enhanced roles, and promote an increase in advanced and consultant level roles.
  • Invest in nursing midwifery succession development programmes and approaches.
  • Support the development and introduction of revised NMC education standards for initial nurse and midwifery education.


  • When working with agencies and organisations to ensure nurses and midwives receive feedback. That’s all on the effectiveness of care by using information and communications technology to review, assess and improve care for people.
  • Working with NHS Wales Informatics Service to review nursing and midwifery documentation utilised in NHS Wales to facilitate the introduction of electronic recording of patients information. That includes the systems to improve patient alerts. 

Research Development & Innovation:

  • Supporting nurses and midwives to continually improve practice by developing and applying innovative ways of working. Supporting the development of the evidence base for effective nursing and midwifery care. 
  • By developing and promoting clinical academic roles and career pathways.For instance, that promotes activity that supports health abroad to maintain their university status.

Promoting integration of care:

  • Develop guidance, policy and initiatives that enable nurses and midwives to work effectively across sections of the health service.

Promoting Population health and well-being:

  • Seeking opportunities to enhance nursing and midwifery involvement in tackling the public health challenges across the age group. By utilizing the concept of making every contact count that works with individuals and groups based on their lifestyle choices.
  • Targeting activities to specifically address obesity and stopping of smoking. Also promote access to health services for people with learning disabilities.

Quality & safety of care:

  • Promoting activities that drive out waste, variation and avoidable harm within the health system in Wales. That includes a leading monitoring of maternity service. 
  • Promoting the welfare and safety of children and adults at risks, monitoring the delivery of safeguarding services in NHS Wales.
  • Continuing to develop policies and guidance that will ensure the individual service user’s voice is south and heard. So that it informs development and delivery of health and care services in Wales.


This is the ITU Nurse we currently have in Swansea, Wales.


Overall, we have mentioned the top key priorities in Wales that took action from 2016 to 2021. That helps raise the Nursing and Midfery’s Wales health improvements. Also we talked about the Nursing Now organization that provides a better education, professional development and employment conditions amongst its aims for our nurses and midwives.  


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