The Importance of Community Nurses

This article will discuss the importance of community nurses and their day-to-day responsibilities. Similar to every other nursing profession, community nurses possess a wide range of skills which this article will also cover. Simply saying – great to have you, nurses! What is a Community Nurse? Community Nurses are also known as District Nurses where […]

Burnout in District Nurses – Shortage of Staff

Burnout in District Nurses – Shortage of Staff Do you find yourself continuously weary and emotionally drained lately? Perhaps you\’ve observed substantial changes in your behaviour, such as extreme nervousness? Nurse burnout can result in mood changes and a diminished sense of personal well-being. District nurses and community psychiatric nurses are highly affected. It can […]

Community Nursing And District Nursing: What’s The Difference?

Nursing job is much more complicated than what it seems to the normal eyes. People have a dilemma that the nurses are meant to take care of the admitted patients, right. But it is just one part of their job. There are many more roles that they serve in a hospital or a clinic. Just […]