A day in the life of an A&E Nurse: Advice for newly qualified nurses

We\’re going to share some insight into what a normal day in the A&E ward for all of you nurses looks like.  We\’ll also be sharing advice for newly qualified nurses, as well as how to get support if you\’re having problems. Learn why nurses choose to work for agencies and how to register with […]

Nurses speaking out through Social Media and Online events

Nurse Influencer: Nurses speaking out through Social Media and Online events Social media influencers are a big part of our lives nowadays. Influencers are people who really share valuable insights from their everyday lives and create awareness around important topics. Nurse influencers are becoming more and more popular on different social media channels like TikTok […]

The Benefits Of Sticking With One Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies can make your like easier! One of the many advantages of applying for a healthcare recruitment agency is having the ability to tailor your working hours around your schedule and your personal life. They work closely with medical companies and will organise your shifts in accordance with your preferences. So why is it […]

Top Nursing Skills: 6 Essential Qualities of a Good Nurse

If you’re considering to pursue a career in nursing, you likely already know it’s a skills-heavy role. Other than having the academic and technical knowledge, there a may nursing skills that you must have to do a good job. Here are a few skills that you should work on before thinking about a career in […]

Nursing pay rates and future trends in the UK

The aging population is now more in need of care than before. Therefore, the trend in increasing the nurses staff has intensified. According to BBC, one reason for the nursing shortage crisis is that the need for qualified nurses has grown, however the number of trainees has not.  What are the Nursing Salaries? A qualified […]