Becoming an Agency Nurse means that you can build your own career by getting the opportunity to pick your shifts and working hours. This article will cover the benefits of sticking to one recruitment agency. We are going to talk about having a strong relationship with the agency, getting more shifts, less paperwork and more complications for limited company nurses. 

Mylocum Recruitment Agency has a lot of experience over the years in taking care and being there for our clients. It started 14 years ago when we were just a Locum Doctors Agency and then we expanded into Locum Nursing and Locum Recruitment Agency. So, we started to help global talent connect with the UK healthcare region. 


  • Creating Stronger Relationships through an Agency

Having a strong relationship with your consultant will support you in understanding what you want and looking for with our help. By doing this you will have a long-term relationship with our agency.

Instead of looking for shifts yourself which would be more stressful and difficult because when an agency provides you with the shifts, they give you the chance to pick which one you wanna do.


This is the RGN vacancy that we currently have in Wales.


  • Getting more shifts

Having more agencies could end up in getting shifts you don’t really want. 

Also, having a lot of agencies can be very distracting because you will get a lot of calls on a daily basis and you would not have time to focus on your patients. Below there are two disadvantages that are very concerning:

  • ‘CV fatigue’ is a problem when you are working a shift you didn’t want because you couldn’t get a chance to have the shift you wanted in the first place.
  • Flexibility means that you will be working in different healthcare locations where your skills will be noticed throughout your shift. 

This is the ICU Nurse vacancy we currently have in Wales. 

If you want to find more job roles you can go to our website or you can go to CV-Library.


  • Having Less Paperwork

Joining one agency means you won’t have to stress out doing paperwork. The agency will ask for the important documents and they short it out for you.

But if you are joining more than one agency then there will be a lot of stress again for you.

The important paperwork that is needed:

  • Up to date CV
  • DBS checks
  • Mandatory training
  • Application forms
  • Qualification’s certificate
  • Proof of professional body registration 
  • Immunisation proof

All these are needed so they can protect your NMC Pin for the client and patients who can feel a bit much when it comes to doing paperwork. 

Mylocum will also help build your CV to make sure it stays up to date and you will need to give in all your paperwork to show you have proof of identity and ability to work.

This is the A&E Nurse opportunity we currently have in Wales.


  • More complicated for Limited Company Nurses

This is important to lower the amount of paperwork you have because in order for that to happen you will receive your money. To do that you will have to include teams like:

  • VAT certificates 
  • Company registration certificate 

We will be needing to keep updating on a regular basis in the system and your career going over the years. 

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Overall, the benefit of sticking with one recruitment agency will make your life easier on a daily basis. In this way you don’t have to worry about wasting time on calls from all other agencies. 

Also, if you want to have more shifts you can still get it through one agency, so you don’t have to worry about that. 

At the end of the day, you will still be doing the shift you want to do, and you will then have a long-term relationship with your consultant who understands what you need.


You can go visit our website and you can go on CV-Library to find more job opportunities.

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