In their lifetime, up to one in three people will be affected by some form of mental disorder. When mental health problems become debilitating, a Mental Health Nurse is called upon to assist. Whether you work in a hospital or in the community, developing a healthy relationship with the patient will be your main responsibility.
The requirements of the patients you\’re caring for are likely to be very specific and high. This provides a significant number of problems on a daily basis, and it necessitates constant patience, persistence, and excitement. Despite the difficulties, working as a mental health nurse can provide unmatched benefits.

Mental health nurses in demand

Are you exploring a career in nursing or are currently a nurse considering a switch to the mental health sector? There are numerous advantages to becoming a registered mental health nurse (RMN). The UK is currently experiencing a mental health nursing shortage, with a significant decrease in qualified practitioners, indicating that there is a great demand for good quality specialists in this field. Due to a lack of mental health nurses, both public and private sector positions are in great demand. The government and people are increasingly turning to the private sector to satisfy the nation\’s mental health requirements as the NHS struggles to cope with a shortage of competent specialists. More jobs and greater pay come with a stronger demand for labour.Considering mental health professionals are in such great demand, those who do make it into the field can usually count on a high level of employment security. Since many mental health postings are for long-term care, many people regard it as a lifelong job. Patients who require ongoing care throughout their lives are more likely to require RMNs who can commit to working for a long time, reducing the danger of employment losses and unemployment.
Mental Health nurse salary in the UK may vary. In the UK nurses have clearly defined pay bands following the NHS pay structure, Agenda for Change. You can check the average pay rates in the Agenda for Change provided by Health Careers NHS, 2021.

Becoming a Mental Health Nurse

Mental health nurses are required to have a graduate degree and extensive training before they can practise. According to the institution\’s reputation, there are a number of UK universities that specialise in mental health. You can check some of the high ranking universities for mental health nursing in the UK here. Each university determines the academic entry requirements for mental health nursing degrees. Undergraduate degrees require at least five GCSE grades 4/C or higher (typically English, literature, and a science subject), plus at least two (and ideally three) A-levels or equivalent level 3 qualifications (Health Careers NHS, 2021). An accelerated postgraduate programme may be available to those with a bachelor\’s degree.

Apart from the qualifications there is another crucial aspect in the process of becoming a mental health nurse. Personality and soft skills could be as important. Being a mental health nurse requires a strong personality as well as excellent communication skills. You\’ll need a solid understanding of mental health issues as well as the ability to apply what you\’ve learned in the classroom. You\’ll be friendly and engaging while demonstrating genuine empathy for service users and their unique circumstances. This may include the social stigma associated with mental health issues, which can be equally difficult to overcome. 

What areas can you specialize in?

The occupational titles and specialties of health care professionals differ by state. Psychiatric Nurses jobs are among the most common and most demanding ones. There are, however, many other opportunities within the mental health sector which you might consider. Once you are qualified you can specialize in different fields:

-Eating disorders
-Personality disorders
-Depression, anxiety
-Obsessive compulsive disorder
-Drugs and alcohol
-Post-traumatic stress disorder

-Mental health act,

In the United Kingdom, mental health problems are on the rise. As a result, a sizable section of the population requires assistance. Unfortunately, there is a present shortage of mental health nurses, despite efforts by both the government and the NHS to meet rising demand. The general public, on the other hand, can help. They can start by appreciating mental health nurses\’ efforts and considering them as professionals who are critical in the effort to ensure people\’s mental health and well-being.

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