In this blog, we are going to give you a few tips on ways to build a trustful nurse and patient relationship


Building trust with patients is one of the most important aspects of a nurse’s role. Nurses, who take the time to establish a positive relationship with patients. Then gain a better understanding of the patient’s needs and emotions, which enables them to deliver the highest levels of care. 


In a healthcare environment, nurses are often the ones who spend the most time with a patient, so these interactions will determine the patient\’s overall experience of medical intervention.


A patient must trust their nurses to act in their best interests as it could mean the difference between life and death for them. So from introducing yourself and making eye contact to wearing the correct nursing scrubs. There are many ways a nurse can start building trust with a patient from the moment they meet. 


8 Tips to Build Patient’s Trust in Nurses

Here are 8 tips to start building relationships whether they last for hours or years, it makes a difference. 

  • Introduce yourself

Your patients have medical professionals coming in and out of their rooms all day long. Don’t take it personally if they don’t remember your name or when you first come in or even what they need to do. Tell the your name and what you will be doing. Let them know how long you’ll be taking care of them. 

  • Dress professionally

First impressions are important. When a patient sees you, they need to believe that you are indeed someone they can trust with their health and well-being. Wearing a nurse’s uniform is a great way to build trust. 


Just wearing the uniform may not be enough, the uniform needs to be clean to create the right impression. Do not show up with blood stained scrubs and think a patient will be comfortable around you.

  • Show genuine interest 

The best way to begin working with a patient is to introduce yourself by name and then ask the patient for theirs. That already shows you want to know them. 


Go ahead to repeat the name and thereafter, always refer to them by name. There is something about people who know you by name that will make you more comfortable around them. 

  • Be respectful 

At the times, show respect for the patient\’s privacy as well as beliefs and practices. Find out what makes them comfortable and what does the opposite. The patient needs to feel like they are in a safe place and the person providing care for them is mindful of what they believe. 


If there is a situation where they may need to get undressed for treatment, provide sufficient privacy to the patient.

  • Listen actively 

Some nurses may go about their duty like robots and not bother to take time and listen to their patients. Building trust requires active listening to the patient. Let them see that what they are saying is taken seriously and understood. 


Sometimes it may be a good idea to take a break from doing things like taking blood samples and whatever activity you are doing and look at the patient as they express themselves. Knowing that they are being listened to will make the patient confident that their concerns will be addressed and that makes them trust the nurse.

  • Be trustworthy 

People trust people who act trustworthy. Being open and honest is one way that you can show you are trustworthy. Even in situations where what you might say may not be very pleasant, honesty must be maintained. Both the patient and their family will trust your word if you show honesty.


Also, it is important to keep your word. Do not promise to do something you know you will not do.

  • Keep them updated

Let your patients know what to expect. If you know they’ll have a scan later in the day, let them know the approximate time. If that time changes, pass that information along. They might have questions about what’s going on and why they need certain tests or procedures. Let your patients know that you don’t know all the details but you can find out for them.

  • Start making changes today

A positive nurse-patient relationship is vital for ensuring a high standard of healthcare. Nurses meet patients at a time when they are feeling anxious, vulnerable and often in a degree of pain or discomfort. The patient must trust that their nurses have the skills, knowledge and expertise to care for them. But also that they have the honesty, empathy and integrity to act in their best interests at all times.


By taking the time to develop some of these behaviours as routine practice to be able to introduce yourself, dressing professionally, being respectful, listening and keeping patients updated. So that you can help to ensure the highest standards of care for your patients.


Overall we have talked about the 8 ways to build a trustful nurse and patient relationship. Always remember that building a relationship with patients can improve the recovery time and make it easier to administer treatment. It is therefore important to receive training in trust building.


Building a relationship with a patient can lead them on a path to better health overall and a better quality of life, what nurse doesn’t want that?


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