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Podcasts are the new black. And here we do not aim to exclude the importance of other media entertainment tools such as videos and photos. However, there’s an obvious increase in the podcast’s audience recently which suggests it may be the new trend on the media landscape. The convenience of enjoying a podcast while doing your everyday activities is probably the reason for its popularity. Why don’t you learn something new while cooking, for instance? Or maybe you have 1 hour drive to work when you can enjoy your daily motivation podcasts? So many conveniences of the podcasts that you can listen to them almost everywhere and every time. SO today, we\’ll talk about Nurse Podcasts

What is more, the content can be quite influential, motivational and intellectually appealing as well as funny, open-hearted and moving. Topics are diverse as there are podcasters from different backgrounds and spheres who share their knowledge and insights on current issues. With just a few key words you can find compelling conversations around your interests.

This is why podcasts are so good for nurses. We know that nurses could be quite overwhelmed with long-hour shifts. Therefore most nurses do not feel like scrolling through their social media, watching news or movies. What the nurses need is useful content provided in a convenient way for them.
There are plenty of motivational podcasts which nurses can listen to. Here we have gathered some influential podcasts – from nurses to other nurses – which could brighten up your day, give you insights on important nursing topics and not only.. 


Informational and Educational Nursing Podcasts

1. The Empowered Nurse Podcast – Lacey Magen – Spotify 

Hosted by the board certified nurse Lacey Magen, The Empowered Nurse Podcast shares useful advice, support and empowering conversations in the nursing field. For instance, you can ‘Learn how to delegate as a new nurse’ from her recent podcast (25th Jan).

2. Cup of Nurses – Matt Solarczyk and Piotrek Findura – Spotify

Using both their personal experience and modern science, the ICU nurses Matt and Peter go through various nursing topics in their podcasts. Educational and informational, their podcasts are a good source to gain your everyday knowledge and insights in the nursing profession.

Inspirational Nursing Podcasts 

3. Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse – Leanne Meier – Spotify

The podcasts by Leanne Meier are like a forum to nurses where guests share their stories about their own experiences. They can be eyes-opening, heart-melting and very motivational for everybody who listens to them. The open-hearted conversations cover diverse topics in the healthcare niche such as nurse/patient ratios, dealing with conflicts in the workplace and many current issues in the nursing field. 

4. Good Nurse Bad Nurse – good nurse bad nurse – Spotify

Controversially presented, the stories in the Good Nurse Bad Nurse will  get close to your heart. What distinguishes them from the rest is that each episode shares one dark and mysterious side of the medical field and another one which is uplifting and motivational. Good and bad, black and white, the stories will keep your interest for sure!

Student Nurse Podcasts

5. Dear Nursing Student – Jah’Kaya Tekhen – Spotify

‘Dear Nursing Student’ is a relatively new podcast channel where the first year nursing student Jah’Kaya shares her own experience as a newbie in the field of nursing. Her stories could be quite helpful and insightful for all student nurses who had taken on this exciting journey of becoming nurses! 

6. Nursing Inspiration – Johanna Zehender – Spotify

Registered Nurse, writer and clinical instructor Johanna encourages and inspires future nurses with her podcasts. Even though she is still in the beginning of the podcast creation process, she gives useful advice and prepares student nurses for what to expect. 

Mental Health Podcasts for Nurses

7. Mental Health Nursing – Kristin Tedesco – Spotify

Kristin Tedesco has gathered really important topics on mental health nursing which are not only education but also helpful for the daily lifestyle. From sleeping disorders, self-injury and suicide, partner violence and grieving, the podcast gets into the deep issues which are the core of the mental health problems nowadays.  

Nurses & Entrepreneurs podcasts

8. The nurses on Fire Podcast – Naseema McElroy –Spotify

Naseema McElroy is actively publishing her weekly nursing podcast which gives motivation and hope to many nurses who seek to be more and earn more in life. She shares tips and advice on how nurses can achieve financial independence. Together with her guests, Naseema is teaching nurses how to be socially responsible when spending money, as well as how to invest in the best possible way.


Labor and delivery nurses podcasts

9. Mommy Labor Nurse – Liesel Teen – Spotify

The weekly podcast ‘Mommy Labor Nurse’ educates nurses on pregnancy related topics such as giving birth and motherhood in general. The podcast is hosted by the incredible delivery nurse, mother of two, and business owner- Liesel Teen, who virtually shares her passion about her job by spreading knowledge and awareness. 

10. The Birth Nurses – Shaina Brickner and Liz Wada – Spotify 

Birth stories, birth plan, postpartum and many other topics in the sphere of labor and delivery. This podcast gives a broad picture around the birth process and would be not only helpful for nurses but for all women. It is hosted by two labor and delivery nurses, and it gets into current topics like Covid-19 and labor which is quite important nowadays.

All those podcasts bring the focus on different nursing topics and catch your attention with intriguing stories. From touching personal experiences to educational and professional stories, those podcasts can give your daily dose of knowledge and motivation. Nurses need something inspiring throughout their busy lifestyle, and a convenient podcast is always a great idea! Get motivated before your shifts at the hospital, nurses, and start the day with a positive attitude!

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