What is Revalidation?

Revalidation Tips for Nurses: Revalidation is a new procedure that all nurses in the UK must go through and to follow the steps that they give you. This is so that nurses fit to practise medicine, and it helps you so that they can develop or improve their practice.

This is the Surgical Wards Staff Nurse we currently have in Wales.

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10 Tips on what you need to do

\"\"These 10 tips are to tell you what you need to do when going through the process because there is a lot to remember to do as nurses:

  1. Paperwork

You need to at least have 6 months to complete your revalidation because you are better off doing all your paperwork together, so that you don’t worry about it too much.


  1. Appointment

If you noticed that your revalidation is moving faster than you must book an appointment now to sign off your documents.


Make sure you don’t leave this to the last minute, best thing to do is to have a diary where you can write all the things you have done and need to do because leaving it to the last minute will be a big problem for you.


  1. Ask Questions

If you have questions then you can talk to someone who has experienced through the process, so that you have a clear understanding in what is required to do.

By doing this you will have someone one day asking you in what is required for the revalidation.


  1. NMC Code

Make sure you link your discussions and send feedback to the NMC code. When you’re with your appraiser and confirmer they will be monitoring on how you have connected the two:


  • Prioritise People
  • Practice Effectively
  • Preserve Safety
  • Promote Professionalism and Trust


  1. Certificate

Important thing is to keep record of all training certificates and add your reflections to the back of your certificate in a safe place that you will remember because it would be handy in the future, and it would help you when you’re adding your reflections to your portfolio.


  1. Articles

Any time you have a revalidation due don’t go reading articles a day before because that’s not going to function properly.


A good idea is throughout the years do now and then read some articles and save them where you can read it whenever you want to go back to it.


Another thing that would be helpful to you is making notes that you would understand a bit better, and it is easier to read then a full article.


  1. Sessions

Throughout the years if you see or hear an opportunity of support groups or interactive sessions then take it because it is a good idea to hear more experienced nurses go through it.


Also, it would help make the process easier for you or by going to these sessions you might get more tips to help you.


  1. Ask Feedback

With your patients ask them to give you feedback with their consent first. You can even ask your colleagues for some feedback too which again will help you a lot with the procedure.


  1. Questionnaires

Good idea is to take part in surveys and questionnaires when you have the opportunity to because it is good to have your say in ways of improving the future processes.


  1. Have Fun

Last thing is to enjoy and have fun because it is a good energy to have and to be around in the nursing community. Also, show how incredible and caring nurses are to them self and to others.

This is the RGN we currently have in Wales.


Overall, we have helped nurses to explain a bit more about what Revalidation is. Also, we have explained more in depth about the 10 Top Tips for Nurses because they need the advice and have an idea of what this process means and what needs doing.

So that they don’t go wrong when they start applying for the Revalidation.

If you want to sign up to Revalidation then go to the NMC website. On the website they will have the eight steps in what the process is.

Do make sure you read that carefully and then when you’re ready go and sign up now, so that you can get it out of the way.


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