This article is about the best medical books to read that all locum doctors should read. You can be a student, trainee or you could even be a professional doctor but never came across these before. It is a good way to learn all about difficult challenges and personal life matters that relate to you.

Here are the 5 must read books for Doctor. Each book represents  something new from life and death decisions to how to make quick treatment decisions under difficult situations. If you want to read more books based on different topics for doctors – 14 thought-provoking books that every doctor should read.

These are the top picks we have chosen for all our Mylocum locum doctors around the world. We think these books will help you look at your career and lifestyle that will make you overthink things.


This Is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay 

This is Going to Hurt is a british comedy book that shares a funny, moving and insightful celebration of our everyday NHS heroes who have worked for us. But it is also based on life and death decisions,  and a constant tsunami or bodily fluids.

Adam shows how reality works for the NHS with all the emotional truth but also along with entertaining humour.

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This is not just a book you can even watch the series on Amazon Prime Video or BBC iPlayer.

The Mind Map Book by Tony Buzan

Recommended by one of our locum doctor The book has changed millions of love with this book written by Tony Buzan. He has been researching all the potential and helping people learn how to make the most of their brain power.

This book is very important to Tony because he has to offer all exciting new ways of using and improving memory,  concentration and creativity in planning and structuring through on all levels, so that in order to accelerate the ability to learn, remember and record information.

Here are some of the challenge or goals that Mind Map book will help you with:

  • Think clearly, creatively and originally
  • Solve problems and make confident decisions
  • Plans, persuade and negotiate
  • Manage and take control of your life

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 The Problem of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell

The Problem of Philosophy book is lively and one of the best introductions to philosophy. This book shows a closer reading for students and specialities, and a causal reading for the general public.

This book gives all the challenges that you will face in reality. It isn’t something you should understand all at once, so it will take time to learn and process all the thinking it makes you do about the nature of reality.

Bertrand used an analytic method to make distinctions concerning our judgements about reality.

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When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi 

This book has a few meanings which are life and death, responsibility and literature. Kalanithi  talks about his story as a neurosurgeon under training, who then got the chance to save the dying. However, even though he was diagnosed with lung cancer, he became the patient who was struggling to live instead of the doctor.

Kalanithi  went through a lot that\’s why he decided to write this book – When Breath Becomes Air, so that he can share his experience between life and death with other doctors who have to save their patients everyday, even when they are going through a lot in their personal life.

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How Doctors Think by Jerome Groopman

How Doctors Think is all about the way a doctor will take decisions regarding their patients under difficult situations. Groopman believed that by analysing how  physicians come to make their diagnostic and treatment decisions.

This book will teach you as a doctor to have a good relationship with your patients, little bit about the process of clinical decision making and to learn more about pathophysiology of disease.

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Doctor Book Reviews

Below are 5 reviews for each book above that have come from the public\’s thoughts on the books. Also, we have created an infographic to show you what the readers have rated the books in an easy format.

This Is Going to Hurt – by Adam Kay 

Everyone should read this!

“The book is very easy to read. It\’s a collection of a long 97-h weeks of a junior locum doctors. It\’s filled with funny, often very shocking and controversial events, along with the heartbreaking moments, which won\’t let you put the book down. Not only it\’s entertaining but it helps to understand how hard and underappreciated the life of a doctor is. Many times sitting in a waiting room you can observe people full of anger and exasperation or simply passive-aggressive. I guarantee, after reading this book you\’ll never be one of them and maybe you\’ll get some more understanding for the NHS personnel.”  –  Dominika Zabielska

The Problem of Philosophy – by Bertrand Russell

Russell\’s prose is absolutely perfect for introducing the reader to this hugely interesting subject!

\”A classic book in philosophy. Written I think in 1912, but still a valuable read. Russell\’s prose is absolutely perfect for introducing the reader to this hugely interesting subject. He takes you through many of philosophy\’s problems step by step and you certainly feel that you are getting to know what this subject entails even from the very first page. The book is also short and and can be read within a few hours, in perhaps one or two readings. This is probably one of the reasons why this book has been such a popular text.\”  – Gazza

The Mind Map Book – by Tony Buzan

Never known anything like it. I use mind maps at school with …!

\”Never known anything like it. I use mind maps at school with the children I support, not really knowing how they came about or much about mind maps. I\’m currently working through the book, and now having greater knowledge. Becoming a little more crazy with ideas. would recommend to others and use in conjunction with the memory book, the two books work hand in hand.\”   – Elaine Thompson

When Breath Becomes Air – by Paul Kalanithi 

When Breath Becomes Air leaves you Breathless and Speechless!

\”I found this book to be more about life than death. Paul talks about his journey into medicine and the privilege of being allowed to change the course of a person\’s life through surgery. His own cancer journey is shown as something he deals with rather than being ruled by. He continues to work and plans to start a family with his wife, Lucy. He charts the difficult transition he needs to make from being the doctor to being the patient and how he is not always successful in doing this.\” – Sarah-Lou

How Doctors Think by Jerome Groopman

Must read for students thinking of taking up medicine as a career and everybody else!

\”This is the best book to understand what and how a doctor should think about a patients condition and treatment. The language is easy and examples are given for better understanding. Any person who is thinking to take up medicine as a career solid read this book. I read it and it\’s great. Got to know a lot new things and opened up my perspective of medicine. The book arrived before time and was in perfect condition so thanks amazon for your service.\” – Nikahat P.

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